Royalty Free Stock Office Clipart by Alex Bannykh

  1. Controlling Male Boss Catching His Little Bug Employees in a Net
  2. Overwhelmed and Sweaty Businessman Surrounded by Memos, Paperwork or Employment Applications, on Blue
  3. Couple of Hands Controlling Puppet Employees As They Conduct Their Work in an Office
  4. Money Floating Above a Businessman Sitting at His Desk
  5. Black and White Angry Receptionist Freaking out at Her Stumped Boss
  6. Very Messy Man's Office with Clutter on the Desks and Floors
  7. Colorful Picture of a Stay at Home Mom Working at Her Desk on a Laptop in Her Home Office, a Cat Beside Her
  8. Buried Businessman
  9. Stressed out White Businessman Sweating at His Desk and Staring at His Computer
  10. Busy Man Working Behind an Active, Older Computer, with a Messy Desk
  11. Friendly Businessman Nervously Chatting While Shaking Hands with a Manager or Employer
  12. Stressed Businessman with a Missing Shoe, Dropping His Briefcase and Running from His Boss
  13. Frowning Nervous Businessman Sweating While Viewing His Financial Reports at His Desk
  14. Smiling Man Riding on a Stressed out Man
  15. Nervous and Sick Businessman with a Thermometer, Holding a Doctor
  16. Pair of Businessmen Talking near a Collapsed Man on the Floor
  17. Stressed Businessman Standing on Top of His Desk, Holding a Life Preserver, Surrounded by a Sea of Paperwork
  18. Stressed White Businessman Trying to Assemble a Computer in His Office
  19. Happy Businessman Making Copies at a Copier in an Office
  20. Three Chatty Corporate Businessmen in Gray Suits, on White
  21. Hopeful Businessman Discussing Rising Profits with Concerned Investors
  22. Colorful Financial Chart on a Computer Screen in a Skyscraper Office Building
  23. Caucasian Balding Businessman Accepting Books and Discs Coming Through His Computer Screen
  24. Pushy Boss Poking an Employee in the Chest
  25. Group of Businessmen Talking, Shaking Hands and Collapsed on the Floor
  26. White Man Preparing to Drown in Paperwork, Standing on His Desk with a Life Buoy
  27. Frowning, but Determined Sick Businessman with a Thermometer Under His Arm, Holding a Report
  28. Man Being Fired
  29. Businessman Organizing Papers at His Desk
  30. Blue Ink Sketched Business Man Working on a Desktop Computer
  31. Black and White Business Man Reading in His Messy Office
  32. Black and White Sketched Two Men in Their Broken into Office
  33. Lineart Sketch of Two Businessmen Sharing Coffee and Cigarettes
  34. Lineart Sketched Businessman Relaxing at His Desk
  35. Black and White Happy Businessman Reading and Talking on a Phone
  36. Black and White Business Rhino Using a Computer
  37. Black and White Woman Chatting with a Businsesman
  38. Black and White Man Repairing a Printing Press
  39. Black and White Woman Talking to a Doctor in an Office
  40. Lineart Businessman Using a Copier
  41. Happy Black and White Businessman Signing Papers
  42. Disordered Office with Clutter and a Nude Magazine on the Desks and Floors